Our second space architecture project ; Lunar communal housing project has done. It has done for Kim Kyunghwan's master's degree project. At the very beginning, Bernard Foing from ESA gave us an idea about ice shell  housing. Then we mixed the idea of water membrane system and regolith structure to making a "hybrid facade.” A... Continue Reading →

Competition _ Emergency shelter

Our shelter, we call it ‘The Sphere’, is a simple multifunctional shelter which has a high resilience against disaster strikes, especially water disaster such as tsunami, and flood. The concept of our shelter has started by two main purposes: Multiple usability before and after a disaster, high adaptability for changing situations.      Before catastrophe,... Continue Reading →


  Our team has finally summited for the competition of the #skycity The purpose of this competition is to propose a program in the atrium(photo). This building has already constructed in China. There were a 6 themes, lifestyle, arts, education, activities, nature, technology. We choose 'lifestyle'. We got inspired by the old traditional market, because it is... Continue Reading →

Mock-up model of the Sustainable mars city in Dubai by BIG Architect

This project represent well for our space project direction ; #sustainable #city #desert #Mars #space_architecture #habitat_extreme The government of dubai has announced that bjarke ingels is slated to build the largest ever space simulation city in the UAE desert, a destination which will mimic the conditions of life on mars. covering 1.9 million square... Continue Reading →

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